The PreView Mobile Ultrasound Experience

Preview Mobile Ultrasound's passion is to provide a safe and memorable ultrasound experience for all of our expecting mothers. While we do not provide diagnostic ultrasounds, safety is our highest priority. Our sonographer and equipment maintain the same standards as medical diagnostic ultrasound labs. Our ultrasound equipment is high quality and FDA regulated. Know that when you choose PreView Mobile Ultrasound for your ultrasound experience, you can be assured you will be in caring and professional hands.

Jessica Musacchia - Sonographer

Jessica Musacchia - PreView Mobile UltrasoundBeing a mother herself, Jessica has had the chance to experience the joy a child can bring, and know just how to capture those moments to share with family & friends for years to come. Jessica believes that if you are passionate about what you do, you do it better than anyone else!

Jessica graduated from Florida Institute of Ultrasound. She studied Obgyn, vascular, echo and general ultrasound. As a sonographer for a major mobile ultrasound company in Houston TX, she was able to hone her ultrasound skill set. Jessica loves providing the ultrasound experience and creating unforgettable moments for our expectant mothers and their families.